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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Slow Going But Progress Being Made

It is so HOT! We are now into 60 something days of 100 degree heat. Only 45 more to go!

It is very frustrating to have beautiful sunshine outside but be stuck in the house. My DNA just isn't programmed for this. As a native Oregonian, I am conditioned to surge outside when it is not raining. Wearing a hat, soaking my clothes, taking shade breaks, staying hydrated, nothing works. I simply can't take the heat and have to go inside when it hits the century mark. If I push it too hard I get sick. You can't drink enough water to replace all the sweat that just pours out of your pores.

But despite all that, progress is being made. Ed has only two more planting bed boxes to go. The fence pile is now just a stack of boards. I've got two of the beds planted. The rest are just waiting for me to fill them with soil. I'm composting as fast as I can with the help of the neighbors yard debris. My goal is to get them all filled by early spring, even if I have to buy some soil.
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Today I scored at the local nursery. They are having a summer heat distress sale and I picked up a whole pickup load of plants. I've installed some grasses in the front yard, roses in the back, and more importantly, herbs in the herb bed. We haven't had any new rain, but I'm still able to water everything out of my rainwater tank. I'm very pleased with myself.
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  1. Don't feel bad. I grew up in hot, steamy S.C. and have lived in hot, steamy Austin since 1994, and I still can't take the heat either. Like you, I must hunker down behind the A/C all summer until we get that glorious 7 months of beautiful Austin weather, October through April. I admire your can-do attitude and willingness to embrace your new climate.

  2. Thanks! Hopefully this coming summer won't be as brutal.