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Saturday, August 8, 2009

A good idea taken too far.

It was another hot day here in Austin and we had worked in the yard until 11:30 am. Ed built me two more boxes for my raised beds and I prepped a pile of brush so it can be chipped tomorrow. After a quick shower and lunch we headed out to buy groceries. It was 2:30 pm before we got back home and settled. Nap time.

Except it is so freakin hot. We are trying to save on electricity so it's over 85 degrees in the house. Ed wanted to take a nap but couldn't find a cool place to lay down. Then he had a genius idea. Take a cool bath.

We have that awesome tub, after all. Just the perfect size to soak in. We haven't used it much because it's not exactly hot bath weather. Ed turned on the cold water and filled the tub. The cold water is not actually cold. It comes through miles of hot ground, into a water tower, and then through our hot pipes under the house. It's tepid at best - but hey, that's good enough for an overheated human. While laying in the water he had another genius idea. Instead of draining the water out of the tub, bail it out and use it to water the yard!

Of course, I had to have a soak too. Once we both were dried off we set to bailing the water. Luckily the bathroom opens to the patio, so we brought in one of the garbage cans and poured the bath water into it. First we used a white bucket, then Ed got out a Rubbermaid and used it. When we finished I had to mop because the bathroom was a mess and the tub had dirt in it from the white bucket.

Trouble is, all that bailing and cleaning made us hot again. So much for water reclamation. The plants are just going to have to wait for rain.

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