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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Blake, from Innovative Water Solutions, pointed out that we could collect water from our air conditioner condenser. It has a discharge pipe that drips water all day; might as well reclaim it and water plants with it.
We brought plenty of 5-gallon white buckets with us from Oregon (I know, but I just couldn't throw them out. You never know when you might need one!) Ed set out immediately to dig a hole.
It was fairly quick work because the ground was so wet. The soil has so much clay in it that it will hold whatever shape you want so you only have to dig out what you need. As soon as he'd finished, he placed a bucket in the hole. I happened to be walking by a short time later and noticed that a toad had hopped inside. We thought that was funny and just left him in there.
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Ed had to do some additional work on the discharge pipe to get the water to drip into the bucket, so he took it out and set it aside.
The toad seemed unperturbed. Ed finished the pipe work and set the bucket back into the hole. The water soon began to accumulate and we began to worry that the toad would drown. Maybe he/she couldn't climb out because the sides were to slippery. We put in a block of wood to serve as a floating pier, and sure enough the toad climbed onto it.
From Yard makeover

Eventually he did hop out. We still see him/her hanging out near by. We've since installed a flat rock to make it easier to climb out.
From Yard makeover
We get about a half a bucket of water a day - which is a lot when you think about it. We've shown our neighbors and hopefully will inspire them to do the same. We use it to water the various plants in the front yard. Beats paying the city, that's for sure, and we're able to provide a little wildlife habitat for more of the locals. Not to mention entertaining Ed and I. Who needs to go downtown to the 6th street nightclubs when we have a toad to watch?

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