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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Block (and tackle) Party

This morning I was out digging in the yard when the neighbor came hurrying across the street.  She had awoken to find that another neighbor's hackberry tree had split and fallen on her property.  She was hoping to get some advice on how to cut it up.

Cut it up?  Is she kidding me?  Momma needs mulch.

Turns out the tree fell into two neighbor's yards.  Jack, Cyndi, and I surveyed the damage.  Luckily it hadn't taken out the fence or any of Cyndi's crape myrtles.  We discussed how to cut it up and remove it, and then I pounced for the kill.  Of course I would take all the branches off their hands.  I can even come over and help drag the debris across the street.  Anything too big to chip can be left for the MUD to pick up on Tuesday.

Woo hoo!  No driving around the neighborhood today looking for brush!

It was a lot of fun actually.  The smaller limbs were all carefully cut back until just the large trunk remained.  Ed, Jack , and Gary (Cyndi's husband) used our rope to rig a block and tackle system to take the heavy stuff down piece by piece.  Ed and I have learned to do this from several arborists we've hired over the years.  In just a few short hours the job was done and the party was over.
From Austin Yard
What remained was a pile of limbs ready to run through the chipper.  Ed will let them dry out this week and then chip, chip, chip away next weekend.

I better get digging.

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