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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Frozen Food Aisles

No need to go to the grocery store this week to stock up on frozen food. I've got it right here in the yard. We've had snowfall and freezing rain all week here in Oregon. It's pretty but not particularly fun - especially when I can't just run out and harvest something to eat!

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Luckily I got off the couch a few weeks back and gathered leaves from all the neighbors. The city of Springfield does a fall leaf collection drive. All they ask is that you bag your leaves and place them on the curb. This is perfect for someone like me. I just drive around and throw the bags in the truck. My neighbors have me even more spoiled. They just leave their bags in my yard. I also rake leaves out of the street and use the wheel barrow to disperse them in strategic locations.

This has really paid off this week. My plant roots are snug in their leafy beds. I use the pear, cherry, ash, and plum leaves from my neighbors in the actual raised beds. These leaves are small and break down really fast. I throw some grass clippings on top of them to keep them from blowing away. Next spring they will be rotted enough to just turn into the soil.

I've even been a bit surprised at how well some of my plants have fared during this cold snap. Even the arugula is still edible.

Of course, I have to be able to get outside to harvest. I have learned this week that I probably shouldn't be wearing flip flops while I'm out there. However, I figure that if my vegetables can weather this storm, so can my toes!

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  1. Got your garden mission statement! I like it thanks. What is our Zone and can I list your city and state?