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Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

The November 2008 issue of Sunset magazine had some great recipes that tied in perfectly with what is growing in the garden.

One of the more interesting ideas was cooking a whole turkey on the barbecue grill. We have done this twice now and it has turned out great. It also frees up the oven and gets Ed out of the house. The turkey cooks at a constant 350 degrees so some degree of supervision is required.

This particular recipe requires a juniper berry and sage rub. I also basted it with olive oil and fresh sage. The trick to the whole thing is to keep a pan of water underneath the grill. This catches the drips and reduces flare-ups. The bird comes out moist and smokey.

I also made stuffing with kale and used parsnips in the turkey stock. I planted my parsnips in my concrete block planter this year, thinking that it would be perfect for the deep rooted plants. They grew fine, but digging them out has been a challenge. There isn't a lot of room between the blocks to get my hand around the root. I end up doing a lot of excavating but have been able to pull them out.

From Thanksgiving

Dinner was fabulous and then I found another job for Ed.

I think I'll keep him.

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